3 Key Elements of a Rustic Kitchen Design

3 Key Elements of a Rustic Kitchen Design

No one wants to cook, clean and eat in an old kitchen, but old fashioned style is desirable all over the world. New style trends have taught us that combining modern technology with vintage or rustic designs can be both beautiful and functional. Restoring old pieces of furniture, ruining new pieces, and adding vintage touches that remind us of simpler times are all hot trends right now. But if you go too far with rustic or artisan style, you risk getting a space that looks like it belongs in the early 1900s.

Let us teach you the three most important elements of artisan cuisineso you can incorporate it into your home. If you don’t know where to start, be sure to contact professional kitchen remodeling contractors and you’ll have your rustic dream kitchen in no time.

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What makes a rustic kitchen?

First, a note about the difference between rustic and artisan style kitchens: there is basically no difference. Craftsman kitchens may have more custom features than rustic kitchens, but with modern additions such as custom storage solutions that are becoming standard in many kitchens, the differences between the two have become smaller.

1. Wooden cabinets

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Maintenance-free cabinet doors have undoubtedly come a long way since your mom installed laminated cabinet doors in her kitchen. They offer greater durability and better color saturation at a better price than wooden doors. But when it comes to the aged, natural look that is so essential to rustic design, wood cabinet doors are the way to go. You can leave them natural or add a darker frosting to complete the rustic look. In addition, wooden doors are great for remodeling cabinets, making your rustic kitchen feel a little lighter.

2. Darker and warmer color palette

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When it comes to rustic and artisan styles, naturalness is always a priority. The wood tones you can imagine in a log cabin complement this look the best. Think Harvest Gold on Cherry, Dark Wild Apple and Secret with dark icing. To match, opt for darker hardware with aged pieces like oiled bronze. In addition, cabinet style should be kept simple, such as a classic raised panel, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space and let the natural materials shine.

3. Detailing furniture accessories


While most kitchen styles include all sorts of decorative accessories – paneling, cornices and cornices to name just a few – rustic kitchens should stick to decorative accessories that have more detailed furniture designs than a typical decorative accessory. What this really means is that you should stay away from any accessories that include the term “Roman” or may have a Roman or Greek design, such as brackets or columns.

Rustic and artisan style kitchens are great for any home and bring the old world feel back into the 21st century. They also fit in well with old and country homes and make it easy to incorporate some of your favorite antiques or vintage pieces into the space.

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