4 Timeless Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

4 Timeless Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

Are you getting ready for update your kitchen with new flooring? If so, rate your options. Gender is harder to replace after the fact. By choosing flooring that suits your lifestyle and preferences, you’ll get a style and finish that will stand the test of time.

So, if you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, here are a few flooring designs for your home that are sure to grab your attention.

What is the best floor for the kitchen?

Please note we highlight the timeless finish? That’s because the best kitchen remodels won’t need to be redone or changed for decades.

Here are four popular kitchen flooring options that meet the ideal standard of functional luxury.

1. Parquet floor

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Hardwoods are still at the top of the best kitchen flooring options. In addition to visual and textural appeal, it adds a wide range of finish options to the mix. Solid wood is also versatile, working equally well in a traditional design or an ultra-modern kitchen. As such, it offers a great return on investment for your Montgomery County residence and will appeal to future homebuyers.

It is a softer and warmer finish than hardwood counterparts (see options below). However, it is susceptible to scratches and water damage. You will most likely need to sand and repaint it every 10-15 years or so. (if you have children). If you live alone or have an empty nest, your floor may last even longer.

2. Floor tile options

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Floor tiles were very popular in the 80s and 90s. However, due to lack of demand, traditional square and rectangular tiles are becoming less and less popular. Instead, we design kitchens using tile boards that have the texture and look just like solid wood. These boards the best alternative to solid wood for most homeowners and designed to withstand any test.

If you have children or do you share a house with petsor you just don’t like the idea of ​​sanding and finishing wood floors over time, plank or square tile is fine for you. Tiles look so much like wood that customers often get on all fours because they can’t believe it’s not real wood.

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3. High quality laminate range

ROTM-Williams-3Laminate flooring, which usually comes in rolls, has been around for ages. It was considered obsolete for a long time because it was not possible to print on laminate with a “realistic” or natural look. Today, innovative and modern laminate flooring manufacturers have created stunning replicas of natural stone and wood. The colors and textures are so true that this floor, too, now needs a closer look to make sure it’s not tile or woodwork.

4. luxury vinyl floor


For now, vinyl is the clear winner and far ahead of all options and competitors. Like laminate, vinyl manufacturers have reached the platinum standard for reproducing the realistic look of other materials. Plus, the vinyl is textured, waterproof, and ultra-durable!

Hardwood replicas are by far the best sellers of vinyl as they mimic virtually thousands of tree species, including the appearance of aged wood. However, vinyl floors are also available in patterns that mimic natural stone, brick, concrete, and just about any other flooring material you can imagine.

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