5 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Colors & Styles

5 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Colors & Styles

There are virtually no limits to the options you have when remodeling your kitchen with custom cabinets. That’s why our experts recommend choosing cabinet door styles first, as you can easily coordinate other design elements – like countertops, backsplash materials, flooring, and more – with cabinets in the spotlight.

Whether you’re looking to update your space or are planning a full-blown renovation, these popular cabinet designs will give you an attractive end result.

What are the latest trends in kitchen cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets are still a design staple, but Kitchen Magic consultants are seeing an increase in the use of other natural wood colors and textures in refurbishment and remodeling projects. To inspire you on your kitchen renovation project, we have put together some of our most popular kitchen cabinets from some of our recent Kitchen Magic customers.

1. Maintenance-free wooden grain boxWith


After years of white and gray taking center stage, the woodgrain cabinet doors and the natural feel of the room are bringing natural warmth back into the kitchen. You can achieve the look of natural wood with maintenance-free laminate doorsavailable in a stunning variety of colors and styles that will continue to look beautiful for years to come.

2. The timeless beauty of blue cabinets


cabinet cladding process this is a great way to add more color to your kitchen design, but some homeowners are hesitant about bold and especially dark shades. When it comes to solid colors for cabinetmakers, blue has always been and will always be the favorite. The trick to using color in your kitchen design is choosing one shade as the base of your color palette to use as an accent color or as part of a two tone cabinet combination.

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3. Statement: two-tone kitchen design

Two tone kitchen designPhoto Credit: Photograph by Christian Giannelli, 2019

Speaking of two tone kitchens… it’s an interesting way experiment with color specially in small spaces. We recommend pairing lighter upper cabinets with darker lower cabinets to make your kitchen design more visually appealing. Also, darker shades tend to be easier to keep clean, and lower cabinets tend to take on most of the clutter and wear and tear in the kitchen.

4. Gray cabinets add sophistication


Homeowners in Bucks County who prefer something other than white but still want to enjoy a neutral color palette often find their favorite shade in gray. This warm and inviting cabinet color lets you inspire combination with countertop and backsplash.

5. Custom cabinets with storage solutions

Glick-rotm-1Photo credit: Photograph by Christian Giannelli, 2022

White continues to dominate kitchen color choices. If white is too bright, there is always a more subdued, antique white option. While some consider white to be less forgiving, any solid color will show a blemish or blemish. It will immediately brighten up a space when transitioning from another color and offer a less busy aesthetic when transitioning from a wood texture. Pairs well with any style of closet, and the maintenance-free material will last for decades.

Custom Storage Solutions, or the functionality of kitchens this year is just as important to homeowners as style. The possibilities are almost endless. Many homeowners love how easy storage solutions such as drawers, lazy suzannes, drawer organizers and spice shelves integrate into kitchen furniture. They also love the extra form, functionality and organization these products provide.

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