Can I Switch Out the Cabinets Underneath My Granite Countertop?

Can I Switch Out the Cabinets Underneath My Granite Countertop?

Here’s a scenario we see more often than you might think: Homeowners have quality granite, quartz or solid countertops which they really like, often newly installed or just well kept, and they don’t want or need to replace them. But the cabinets underneath are a little worn or look dated. What should they do? What can you do to replace these cabinets without removing the countertop you love and invested in? Our closet remodel experts share their thoughts on the easiest ways to accomplish this task and give your Lehigh Valley, PA home a whole new look.

Can lower cabinets be replaced under a granite countertop?

Revamping your kitchen countertop to granite or quartz is an obvious solution for repairing dents, chips or outdated color on old surfaces or as a start step by step kitchen renovation. However, after installation, these luxury natural stone countertops may actually draw more attention, not less, to the state of the cabinets underneath. In addition, homeowners are often concerned about the sheer weight of granite (or quartz) slabs. How can their cabinets be updated without the risky process of removing and damaging heavy countertops? cabinet cladding to help! This method gives cabinets a whole new look at no new price. Your existing cabinet frames will be reinforced and new solid wood or maintenance-free laminate veneer is used to give your cabinets a look that matches the novelty of your countertops.

Not familiar with cabinet refinishing? Check out our helpful Cabinet refinish pagestocked with quick videos that clearly explain the process and what to expect.

Can a granite countertop be removed and reinstalled without damage?

Granite is a durable surface of natural stone. unlikely to crack in normal use. At the same time, granite is a natural stone with natural cracks as an integral property. Most cracks result from stress during processing, fabrication, or installation that creates pressure points at those crack points. This is why removing a granite slab after it has been installed is not ideal. This may even increase rather than reduce costs if reinstallation becomes more difficult.

You must always be careful with moving granite slab after its installation; this is a direct path to breakdown and unforeseen expenses. . Granite slabs cannot be repaired well if they are severely cracked, chipped or damaged. Separating them from cabinet frames is risky and delicate, and sometimes impossible work. Be aware that removing the granite may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Refacing is the new replacement

Yes! Refinishing cabinets—under your existing countertops and throughout your kitchen—creates a whole new look, just like completely taking apart and replacing a cabinet. In addition, remodeling a cabinet is an innovative process that can help you. save up to 50% on repairs and your kitchen will look brand new. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 8 amazing kitchen transformations all of which show solutions for converting cabinets.

Updating the look of your lower cabinets with new kitchen cladding opens up so many opportunities to make something unique. Elle Décor magazine shows how contrast or two tone kitchen cabinets can complete your space. In addition to the usual combination blue base cabinets with white top cabinets several Kitchen Magic customers have also chosen pair gray bottom cabinets with white top cabinets. This design choice could be what gives your kitchen that extra chic you didn’t even know you had.

You can also apply this kitchen cladding process under solid surface counters such as time-tested Corian®. The same applies to laminate countertops, including spectacular ones. new line of Wilsonart® HPL surfaces which imitate natural stone, wood and textiles and come in a wide variety of colors.

What are the other benefits of cladding a cabinet under an existing granite countertop?

Here are some more benefits of using Kitchen Magic’s exclusive cabinet cladding process under an existing granite or quartz countertop:

  1. Your existing cabinets will be reinforced. There are very few cases where a cabinet refinish is not possible, and they only occur when your cabinet frames have been water damaged or structurally unstable beyond repair. In all other cases, our team will use a proprietary cabinet reinforcement process that will reinforce your existing cabinet frames.
  2. You can have any look you want. There is not a single style or aesthetic that a cabinet remodel can’t give you. We work with beautiful laminate, hardwoods and practically durable, maintenance-free cabinet doors. Our door styles complement any design style: traditional, transitional, contemporary, modern, complementary and more.
  3. This is the most environmentally friendly way to renovate a kitchen. Cabinet cladding is a much more environmentally friendly solution than almost any available full cabinet replacement option. In a complete cabinet refurbishment, each component of the old cabinets is disassembled and removed. Many existing wardrobes function perfectly, so it is often not necessary to install everything brand new. When remodeling a cabinet, most of the cabinet frames and structural components are reworked and saved from the landfill, and the only thing we need to “replace” is the most visible parts of your closet.

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