Maple Kitchens Still Work for Modern Times

Maple Kitchens Still Work for Modern Times

When it comes time to remodel a kitchen, it’s tempting to take on the “get away from the old and back to the new” mentality. This is understandable, but be careful. Sometimes that “old” is actually high quality, fine craftsmanship that deserves to be revisited in a new light.

Luckily, a not-so-new kitchen can still look great without having to do a complete remodel and spend a fortune on it. That’s how light up your kitchen and give your home a whole new life with experienced cabinet repair specialists.

Why Choose Maple (And You Can Too)

Is it a point? These 10 kitchens combined maple cabinets into a beautiful contemporary design. Some still lean towards the traditional, others are transitional and the couple even took a modern approach.

While maple is considered obsolete by some, especially custom cabinet manufacturers who prefer replacement over refinishing – we think it’s worth finding new ways to use high quality maple furniture whenever possible.

1. Upscale appearance

Maple has clean, streamlined fibers, making it ideal for those who love a more contemporary or contemporary kitchen design.


In this home, the sleek overall look makes you wonder if you’re in the US or one of Europe’s high-end design studios. We like combination of open shelves above the sink counters with full cabinet jars elsewhere.

2. Warm inviting aesthetic

Frosty white kitchen

If you love the look of a frosty white kitchen, you’ll love the look of white maple. It adds just enough warmth and color to provide visual interest without ruining the overall color scheme.

maple kitchen shaker-MAIN

Notice the even grain pattern obtained by using maple in this kitchen. Linear textures echo the sophisticated style of the cabinet with raised panels.

3. Create a rustic, organic look

maple-small sink-de-kitchen

Love the look of the finished wood, but worry that it will make your kitchen even smaller? This kitchen proves that maple combines both worlds. It is light enough to prevent the cave effect, but its natural color adds warmth. Note how the homeowners chose a unique maple pattern to give it more personality. Plus, this coffered ceiling does wonders for making the kitchen feel more spacious.

4. Works with a variety of kitchen styles


One of the reasons Europeans love maple is because it’s clean, fresh, and timeless. It looks resonant when flooded with natural sunlight and can support any color scheme, even bright citrus hues like in this organic kitchen design.

5. Distinctive design


The maple cabinets in this kitchen design add textural flair. As you can see, these homeowners were savvy when it came to mixing elements and textures in their modern kitchen. Notice how the open plan living area includes a expansive island complemented by dark stone counters. Wall paneling and leather bar stools complete the home’s traditional transitional design.

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6. Keeping the balance between light and dark

Can’t decide if you want a dark or light kitchen? Then choose a multi-story palette to add contrast to the design. Maple furniture is light enough to provide “light” in the mix, allowing for darker countertops, floors and walls.

We assume that the designer of this small kitchen used smart storage solutionsallowing the homeowner to gain extra space on the back wall of the kitchen where the tantalizing breakfast nook is located.


We guess the designer of this small kitchen used innovative storage options, allowing the homeowner to gain extra space on the back wall of the kitchen, where the tantalizing breakfast nook is displayed.

7. Mixed shades of wood

Not sure how to combine the texture and finish of wood?


Check out this kitchen’s smooth tiled floors, the variety of maple-hued cabinetry, and the oversized island that blend harmoniously together. Choosing a more varied maple pallet was a smart move. combine different finishes in one kitchen.

8. Stylish transitional look


We’ll continue the mix and match theme with this transitional kitchen. They went above and beyond when it came to choosing a warm coffee-au-lait color palette, with many different wood themes. We love how the flowing wood texture in these raised flat cabinets echoes the swirling patterns in some of them. backsplash tiles made of natural stone. Another important stylish bonus: note the textured floor around the perimeter, which creates a bold, crisp border and backdrop.

9. Soothing effect of gray stained plain maple.

Monochrome kitchens offer many benefits such as timeless backdrop for ever-changing design trends and color accents.


We love how gray stain was used in this Bird House kitchen, which soaked well into the maple cabinets. Natural wood fibers look like driftwood. Note the beautiful arched hood, faucet and bar counter that add something special.

10. Combines modern and traditional style

Yes there is room for both modern and traditional styles of cuisineas this kitchen demonstrates.

Modern Traditional Kitchen Design

Prestige Plain cabinet doors offer just enough relief (especially when glazed) for traditional décor, yet are sleek enough to stay in the contemporary category. Their complimentary monochrome countertop defies competition, while the subtle mini-metro-inspired tile backsplash plays with the subtle color variations inherent in maple grains.

Speaking of subtle tones, maple is the perfect choice for a monochrome kitchen in grey, black or white because it offers a subtle contrast with natural sophistication. Maple eventually becomes the focal point. Again, we can see how the oiled bronze hardware adds a bit of style.

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