The Best Ways to Use Glass-Front Cabinets in a Kitchen Design

The Best Ways to Use Glass-Front Cabinets in a Kitchen Design


Glass fronted cabinets are a nice addition to any kitchen design. Not only can they break up the monotony of repetitive solid cabinet fronts, but glass doors also add form and functional appeal. Moreover, it will create the impression of an open and spacious kitchen space.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen cabinet, now is the time to consider what they can do for your kitchen in Milford, Connecticut. Let’s take a look at some of the uses for glass front doors to help you integrate them in a way that suits the layout and style of your kitchen.

Why do kitchens need glass cabinets?

Recently, glass cabinet doors have become more of a staple than a trend in kitchen design. The main advantages of cabinets with glass facades include:

  • Creating depth to make a small space look bigger
  • Permission for splashes of color and seasonal decor that can be exposed behind a glass facade cabinets
  • Using available light and adding reflective interest to the overall design

In the end, intricate glass cabinet doors offer both functional and aesthetic appeal depending on what is inside. Possibly the perfect alternative cabinets with open shelvesglass cabinets will keep your collectibles safe and sound.

What is the most popular glass front for kitchen cabinet doors?

While cabinet glass door fronts are available in variety of texturesWe noticed three distinct trends while working with homeowners to select kitchen remodel products.

1. Elevate your kitchen design with corrugated glass


There is one tiny problem with plain glass cabinet doors; you can see through them. So if you’re using them in cabinets that will hold decorative utensils or seasonal decor, they’re great. However, some households may be intimidated by clear glass because while there is storage space, there are fewer places to hide a hodgepodge of household items. In such cases, reed-textured glass panels are a smart choice. They have all the benefits of glass doors while hiding any mixed kitchen utensils and any “kids clearing the dishes” results from onlookers.

This particular style runs in vertical lines in a repeating pattern. Keep it in mind and think how it will be complement other textures and patterns that you plan to include in your kitchen design. For example, if your backsplash or floors have a directional element in their designs, you can choose the next trend on our list.

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2. Add a splash of liquid glass

glass of water

Liquid glass cabinet door panels are another popular option. They have a more complex and non-linear pattern that works well in both modern and traditional kitchen designs. However, this template is a bit more transparent than the reed version, so you should keep that in mind when deciding what to display behind them.

If your floors, countertop or backsplash also have a more complex pattern, you may prefer a simpler water glass texture. On the other hand, a streamlined modern kitchen can benefit from the energy that water glass samples can provide. Consider glass-fronted appliances to complement the glass-fronted cabinets in your new kitchen, such as this built-in wine cooler: Clear Glass Transparency

clear glass display3. Choose clear glass for the clearest vision

Most remodeling homeowners choose proven original clear glass. Cabinets with transparent glass fronts suitable for rustic style, traditional, transitional and even modern kitchen design. When using clear glass, the focus is on showing what lives inside, as well as a willingness to support them so that they are not marred by smudges and prints.

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