Is Cabinet Resurfacing the Same Thing as Cabinet Refacing?

Is Cabinet Resurfacing the Same Thing as Cabinet Refacing?

Most people think that cabinet repair and cabinet repair services are different. In fact, both of these industry terms are used interchangeably and describe the same process. Cabinet refurbishment/refinishing is an affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly way to update the look of existing cabinets without having to completely replace them.

Are refacing and polishing the same thing?

Both, however, are completely different from refinishing or repainting a cabinet as they are more permanent cabinet solutions. Read on to learn more about these terms!

Is there a difference between body sanding and sanding?

A closet refinish – and a surface update – uses the base of your existing closet boxes and changes everything in their appearance. When work carried out by qualified and experienced professionals, resulting in cabinets looking brand new and completely refurbished. Ultimately, homeowners who choose to remodel their closets enjoy a custom closet look. part of the price.

Cabinet White Kitchen Remodeling

For a complete and detailed description of the cabinet cladding process, visit our informative and user-friendly cabinet refinishing page or select one of our kitchen remodeling topics for more tipsWith. As a result, we:

  • Remove old doors and replace with new ones.
  • Refresh the surface of the cabinet frame with the right veneer
  • Reinforce existing closet infrastructure if necessary
  • Replacing old hinges and fittings with your updated selection
  • Rethink the cabinet interior, adjust shelves and/or add custom storage solutions upon request.

The condition of your cabinets, as well as your ultimate kitchen design goals, will determine whether remodeling is right for you.

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In case you want to add a kitchen island or change part your chosen kitchen layout, you’ll still save money and time on remodeling by updating the cladding of cabinets you have left over and installing custom versions for new cabinet additions only. Another advantage of this process is that you can remodel and add closet space something you can’t do with refinishing (but more on that later).

Cabinet Gray Kitchen Renovation

Other posts worth checking out for examples of high quality case sanding include showing variety of cladding makeover with before and after photos And great maintenance-free kitchens that look like wood.

Cabinet repair and refinishing vs. refinishing

While it is true that sanding/sanding a cabinet is the same thing, they are completely different from refinishing.

In the case of refinishing (or repainting), you keep the same styles of doors and drawers, only changing their exterior finish or color. This could mean transition from white cabinets to cabinets with solid paint color; this can mean stripping your solid color cabinets of paint to restore them to their original hardwood grain with a beautiful finish and seal as shown below. In any case, the style of the door remains the same, which can be a problem if you are interested in complete kitchen renovation.

Refurbished kitchen cabinets

As with resurfacing, refinishing offers the opportunity to replace hinges, upgrade hardware, etc. However, the process of refinishing or repainting a case is labor intensive (to put it mildly), so we highly recommend reading Risks and benefits of DIY cabinet painting. When all is said and done, most homeowners believe that remodeling a cabinet (or remodeling if you prefer) is the way to go.

The time and energy required to refinish cabinets, combined with difficulties in achieving professional results on their own, means you will likely save time, money and energy by taking the cladding restoration route. The before and after photos below show an example of updated cabinetry – just imagine the possibilities for your kitchen!

Cabinet White Kitchen Refaced Before Photo

Cabinet Update White Kitchen After Photo

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