Top 5 Options for Your Kitchen Sink

Top 5 Options for Your Kitchen Sink

stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sinks have been the workhorses of modern kitchen design for over a century. And while they will always be a timeless feature – especially for those on a budget or who need a sink that can stand the test of time – some homeowners are sidestepping stainless steel and paying attention to the latest trends in kitchen sinks.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying stainless steel sinks are going out of style; they are like white kitchens, i.e. “always in style”. But judging by the recent choices of some of our customers, those who shy away from stainless steel sink options seem to prefer innovative alternatives that add some color to your kitchen design.

Reach out to trusted kitchen remodeling contractors near you to find sink materials that not only look great, but also meet your family’s durability and maintenance requirements.

What are the current kitchen sink trends?


Here we take a look at some of the trends that go beyond stainless steel to include alternative materials for kitchen sinks, as well as finishes that can add that extra touch to your kitchen sink.

1. Home sinks

blue house

Home sinks continue to be in trend because they are truly versatile – they work with both traditional and modern design styles. Plus, their large open container-like sinks can accommodate dishes from even the busiest kitchens. Until recently, farmhouse sinks were mostly available in stainless steel or white porcelain. They are now available in a variety of finishes including fired clay, natural stone, copper and even wood!

2. Textured facades of aprons

elkay-sink-front cover

While we’re talking about the variety of farmhouse sinks, there’s been an increase in the use of textured splashback fronts. This open front sink is deep and wide, extending slightly beyond the bottom cabinet. Along with mortise and built-in sinks, overhead sinks are also in demand today.

Most of these are part of the permanent sink design, but we appreciate the Elkay Crosstown Kitchen Sink Apron Cover for a replacement splashback option. Stainless steel farmhouse sink with replaceable apron. Now you can get the best of all worlds, including apron fronts that reflect vibrations kitchen design trends.

3. Sinks and accessories for workstations

sink workstation

Workstation sinks enhance the functionality of any kitchen and are especially useful in smaller spaces. affordable kitchen design. Pull-out cutting boards, drain boards, and colander inserts not only optimize functionality, but also help keep kitchen clutter to a minimum. The accompanying shelves can also hold food or metal cooking utensils/utensils on the sink surface, making it easier to keep a brand new look of porcelain or other light-colored sink finishes.

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4. Sinks with stone finish

granite sink-2

Speaking of different finishes, this brings us to Gorgeous and practical granite sinks. Although they are not actually made entirely of granite, composite sink options include particles and crystals from granite and other natural stones. As a result, homeowners can enjoy a non-porous (i.e., more hygienic) sink in just about any shade and finish they desire, including the look and feel of natural stone.

Many homeowners who opt for granite or quartz slabs appreciate the fact that their sink can blend seamlessly with the countertop. Another advantage of granite and quartz sinks? They can work in almost any space, makes them extremely functional and are available in unique styles and shapes.

5. Full integration with the sink


While traditional kitchen design includes more textures, decorative elements, and a bit of eclectic “mix and match” or “deliberate imperfections,” committed modernists and some homeowners simply prefer kitchens that are as solid as possible.

If this is your case, go beyond washing options you may want to know, and look for seamless integration with the receiver. From a health standpoint, the joints or seams of countertops and sinks are places where dirt, food debris, moisture, and mold/mildew can accumulate. So we thank DuPont® for mastering the integrated Spectacular Corian washbasin with solid surface concept.

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