Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets for Function and Flow

Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets for Function and Flow

We spend a lot of time promoting cabinet refinishing because it allows our customers to transform their kitchen while saving tons of money and clearing landfills of unnecessary waste. However, it is also important to note that we can completely change the interior of your cabinets while updating them at the same time. So if you want take your kitchen set to a whole new level, be sure to seek help from experienced cabinet remodeling contractors in Northampton County.

Interior of updated kitchen cabinets

The perfect kitchen design prioritizes function and thread. The same applies to the design of cabinets, including interiors. Empty closet space is a missed storage opportunity. Use your intuitive knowledge of “what goes where” and “what goes where” to design a custom closet interior that keeps everything easy, accessible and organized.

In addition, the more we optimize the interior space of cabinets and drawers, the easier it is to remove a cabinet here or replace it with a shelf there, freeing up kitchen space. Here’s what to remember along the way.

Modernize your kitchen with the big picture in mind


The Moment Homeowners Start Renovating Their Kitchen, they often find themselves fixated obsessively on things that don’t really contribute as much to the big picture as they might think. So step back from the micro-view for a moment and evaluate your kitchen in terms of the big picture. How many will look or inspect your interior cabinets?

Instead of focusing on the colors or finishes of your inner cabinet novelties, focus on what matters most to your cabinet and drawer use. Once all your kitchen gadgets, tools and utensils are in place, the interior will be almost invisible.

1. Upgrade your cabinets with extra storage space

Refurbish and repurpose cabinets with storage space

If you’re in the remodeling business, chances are the cabinets are ten years old or more, and cabinet interiors have come a long way since then. Present tense storage solutions in abundance New storage solutions, from pull-out shelves to individual pots, pans and utensils, will automatically enhance the look of your cabinets when they are open.


Even updated cabinets can get a functional upgrade from cabinet doors to potty drawers. Pulling pots and pans towards you instead of climbing inside the cabinet to access large pots and lids is a game changer. The drawer solution is not only super functional (and quieter) but also updates the aesthetic design of your newly renovated kitchen.

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2. Reconfigure your closets for a new look


Your kitchen renovation involves a new layout, adding a kitchen island Or reconfiguring devices? If so, you need to rethink the cabinet interior. Reconfiguring the inside of a cabinet can allow some kitchen cabinetry to be eliminated entirely, leaving room for some extra kitchen remodeling features that you didn’t think you had room for. For example, you may find that there is now a corner available space for breakfast nook, family message center or open shelves.

have free time and ability to create? You can get creative with a DIY solution, such as lining the backs and insides of cabinets with decorative self-adhesive patterns. This is especially attractive when paired with glass cabinets, but can create a unique and stylish design element inside any cabinet.

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