Countertop Styles to Match Your Kitchen Cabinets

Countertop Styles to Match Your Kitchen Cabinets


Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Visualizing new materials in your kitchen can be challenging. In addition to refinishing your cabinets or replacing them completelyInstalling countertops is critical to the success of your kitchen remodel. However, Kitchen Magic experts are ready to help make the design process more complex and easier.

To get started, we always suggest getting familiar with current kitchen materials, products and design styles. Create a wishlist of your favorite looks to better define your own style. Another key tip? Always hire a certified kitchen design professional to fix any potential design issues or flaws afterwards.

How to make the kitchen more stylish?

So which style do you prefer: traditional, modern, rustic or transitional? Which palette is best for the desired result and personal preference? Our kitchen designers share three simplified steps for coordinating kitchen countertops, cabinets and floors – essential elements of every kitchen.

Step #1: Choose the right color palette for your kitchen

Colonial Blue & Satin White lo-1

The classic palette shown above combines exquisite Cambria® quartz countertops in Weybourne, accentuated by Colonial Blue base cabinets and modern Satin White laminate above in Stateman. A mid-tone wood plank floor completes the look.

Kitchen Magic recommends sticking to a simple kitchen color scheme. The first step is to choose three coordinating neutrals. Choose one main color and two additional accent colors that fit your kitchen wish list. Choose neutral tones for a kitchen that will stand the test of time. Looking for more kitchen looks? Here are some more great examples Kitchen magic works..

Step #2: Choose the Best Countertop Materials


Next select best countertop material which will serve both home life and personal style. By choosing a countertop in the first place, the material becomes the basis of your design. For example, if you love light quartz paired with classic mid-tone gray furniture, then choosing natural wood flooring that “matches the tones” of your favorite patterns will make your final decision easier.

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Whether your price point is luxury, moderate, or budget, most countertop surfaces feature a range of mottled, stone, or marble patterns. Be sure to keep samples handy so they can be easily coordinated with cabinets and your floor solutionand then with your apron and accessories.

Step #3: Complete your interior with kitchen décor and accessories


The final step in planning your kitchen design and kitchen renovation in Meriden, CT. is to choose Spectacular kitchen accessories and accents to add personality. Looking to add a bit of sass and splash to neutrals? Use bold colors and finishes for walls, decorative items, and kitchen appliances.

Kitchen equipment can enhance a style or theme; think farmhouse, traditional or modern. Knobs and knobs can make countertops stand out and reflect light. Metallic finishes brighten up a space or can highlight countertops with splashes of metallic, gold or silver.

as in the photo, Modern Matte Subway Style Apron Desert Gray highlights the shimmering gray and bright blue mottled Parys Cambria Quartz. WITHnickel door handles and atin cup handles bring smooth, clean lines and a touch of country-house charm to a modern look.

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