Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

You already know all the reasons why your current kitchen design does not work for you in whole or in part. But if you need an extra push to update your kitchen, the 2019 National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Renovation Impact Report shows that 74% of those surveyed experience an increased sense of pleasure when they are at home after completing their renovation project. Not only that, 78% also have a great sense of accomplishment when thinking about renovating their kitchen. Because a huge portion of a kitchen remodel budget is often spent on furniture, remodeling cabinets offers homeowners an affordable alternative with plenty of transformation options.

Maintenance free Cherry laminate cabinet cladding

Change the colors and styles of your kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Magic’s wide selection of kitchen cabinet doors, including our beautiful, maintenance-free laminate, wood and glass door styles, allow homeowners to transform their kitchen design from outdated to modern, transitional or contemporary. Solid wood cabinets can be finished in a variety of glazes and stains, resulting in inspiring hues that can be easily incorporated into your kitchen’s new or existing color palette. Maintenance-free laminated cabinet doors offer an affordable alternative with almost limitless style options that will brighten up any style of kitchen.

kitchen cabinetry before and after

Change the function of your cabinet to suit your needs

While many homeowners work mostly within the existing footprint of their kitchens, remodeling a cabinet doesn’t limit you as far as functionality is concerned. Consider upgrading your island with a sink or built-in hob. On the other hand, a kitchen peninsula can help define your space and provide additional space for serving or eating. Incorporate open shelving where a traditional closet used to be and you have a focal point as well as practical storage!Waterfall Kitchen Countertop

Refacing lets you swap doors for drawers… and more!

Our new door styles and colors expand the possibilities of remodeling cabinets as the basis for a kitchen remodel, but what’s behind the doors and drawers can also transform your everyday kitchen. Instead of a hard-to-reach bottom cabinet, the turnaround allows you to install a large drawer for pots and pans. “Many homeowners don’t know that retiling can allow you to change drawer and door combinations in cabinet boxes at an affordable price,” says Susie Dia, kitchen consultant at Kitchen Magic. “People don’t realize that when resurfacing we save and reuse a cabinet box and we can change the configuration inside that box. So you can usually mix and match cabinets and drawers or resize drawers to create the best storage solutions.”

carny-pot-box-800x553KITCHEN PHOTO CREDIT: Andy Ryan Photographer, 2019

Upgrade to high impact hinges

The devil is in the details and the hinges definitely need attention. Upgraded hinges will eliminate the knocking and slamming of doors and drawers. The soft-closing technology used in Blum’s Blumotion ensures easy and silent closing of lift systems, drawers and doors.Blumotion door hingePhoto courtesy of Bloom.

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Add Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

Customize your storage solutions, after all, they should be as personalized as your lifestyle. That’s why we offer drawer pin systems to keep plates, bowls and mugs neat and accessible, drawer inserts for spices, cutlery and other utensils to help the everyday chef in your home stay organized, and pull out trays. to neatly fold the lips. . We also offer creative blind corner solutions, lazy Suzannes, drawers and dish organizers that can hold everything from food containers to dishes and trash cans. We’ll meet your storage needs!

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