White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops: A Style Guide

White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops: A Style Guide


Popular white kitchen cabinets shine with luxury, right? Whether you’re considering white for remodeling your existing kitchen cabinets or new furniture in general, you’re not alone in your choice of color. From HGTV on Pinterest, editorial style guides feature white cabinetry that suits many individual preferences and tastes.

From traditional to modern, rustic farmhouse, shaker or sleek and streamlined transitional looks, a kitchen with versatile white cabinetry brings a crisp, fresh appeal to a variety of design styles. In addition, the white color visually enlarges the space and helps reflect the available light – all this is a plus in the preparation areas. Plus, aging eyes will appreciate the extra brightness, especially in the kitchen workspace.

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Prestige Statesman maintenance-free laminate with Satin White cabinet door trim and exterior Cambria® Quartz Countertops in Berwyn. arctic white subway tile apron also adds subtle textural interest.

How to choose a countertop for white cabinets?

Choosing warm or cool tones in your color palette is an important first step. Equally important, however, is the overall look you want to achieve, as well as your family’s functional preferences, such as countertop care, eco-friendly materials, seamless finishes, texture elements, heat and scratch resistance, etc.

Unsurprisingly, budget also plays an important role in a homeowner’s choice of countertop type. Laminate is a great countertop material.as well as granite and quartz. But here’s a simple overview of how to choose the best countertop for your white kitchen cabinets:

  1. Decide on a common design theme and choose the style and color of the cabinet door – whether it is refurbishment, the purchase of new furniture or custom-made.
  2. Choose your color palette and choose warm or cool tones. It will make it easier choose the right countertop color and thoughtfully complement or contrast with your design.
  3. Then, determine your budget options and select the countertop material based on the features that best suit your personal needs and needs. Pairing countertops is also a popular design option to consider.

Which countertop goes with white cabinets?

1. Choose granite countertops

New vintage-style cabinets in Frosty White contrast with majestic grey-black granite countertop. The organic characteristics of natural stone offer a lustrous, whimsical pattern and occasional veining that create a sophisticated yet traditional look.


2. Choose high quality laminate

Laminate Wilsonart® HD is an innovative and affordable countertop option known for its durability and interesting texture. The high-definition laminate worktop shown here mimics treated wood. Other available finishes include stone, fabric and metallic.

Hanstone Quartz Counter with White Cabinets

3. Add contrast with low maintenance quartz.

If you prefer a high-contrast look, eclectic accents complement the simple and elegant style of this durable Hanstone® Quartz worktop. More durable than natural stone, Hanstone quartz countertops are long lasting, maintenance-free and have an ultra-hygienic surface that is resistant to germs and bacteria.


4. Try durable Corian countertops

Stunning Corian® Quartz Countertopsnot to be confused with high quality solid surface Corian, consists of 93% pure quartz – one of the strongest and most durable natural materials. The DuPont® Corian quartz shown here pairs beautifully with traditional white cabinets with raised panels. The use of contrasting dark and light quartz countertops offers an unrivaled material for strength, functionality and interesting design.

Natural color quartz countertop with white cabinets

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5. Choose natural surfaces

Simplicity can often be the best design inspiration. Here, Cambria® quartz countertops in warmer natural tones pair perfectly with white cabinetry and stainless steel fixtures and fittings. In an effort to bring a touch of natural inspiration, bring fresh air into the interior.


6. Stay on trend with a shaker

Updated Satin White Shaker style kitchen cabinets have allowed this homeowner’s budget to afford quartz countertops! This fresh one modern kitchen renovation features stainless steel accents, modern lighting and a quartz splashback.

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