A Quick Glimpse Into the Future of Kitchens

A Quick Glimpse Into the Future of Kitchens

Kitchens? Who needs kitchens in the future? Won’t we just take flavored food tablets that deliver all the nutrients we need? Well, we figure that even if we find ourselves in an Aldous Huxley-type world, we still need an inviting place to take our food pills, right?

The popular opinion of kitchen remodeling professionals is that food prep areas won’t be much different from what they are today.

To help you understand, we have prepared this informative article in which some of the most important future trends especially for you.

What will kitchens be like in the future?

Knowing which trends are most likely to stay in the future will help you plan your kitchen area investment more easily. It seems that designers and homeowners are keen to make kitchens: streamlined, shiny and custom-curved.

In truth, we can get an idea of Where are modern kitchens heading? based on projects that are currently winning awards in the design world as well as on crowdsourcing platforms.

Here are some of the trends that seem to be rising to the top.

Streamlined Design

There is not a single traditional cuisine in this group (we highly doubt it will become a mainstream trend anytime soon as traditional elements are still popular). Instead, futuristic kitchen designs feature extremely shiny, non-porous surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain without worrying about chips, cracks, stains, or etching – all of which are the potential of most natural products.

You can get ahead of this trend by designing a kitchen with laminated cabinet fronts that can withstand heat – Whether you choose the colored version or the faux wood version, they are durable, impact-resistant and easy to care for.

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Shiny Surfaces

We need to think a little about this trend. This tendency for everything in the future to be “brilliant” and “reflective” has been around since the Jetsons, but only true modernists usually follow this path. Our guess: until dirt-repellent surfaces that are resistant to fingerprints and pet noses are invented, this trend may only be popular among those who live alone, without children, or lead a more monastic lifestyle.

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However, if you like a very shiny look, we recommend using one of the many options for quartz countertops available in a range of colors from pure white to those that mimic natural stone and choose the finish for your furniture.

modern kitchen design

Curvy Lines

Perhaps one of the most striking features of futuristic kitchen design is the curved lines. Even the closet has a wavy shape. We see that homeowners are happy to embrace this trend. The key is innovation. The more innovative the materials are, the easier and more affordable it is to bring these types of custom shapes and forms to life.

If you like softer curves rather than the more typical 90-degree angles, we recommend choosing Corian or Quartz countertops. Both are industrial products so they can be made to almost any shape you want. While high-end cabinet materials can be made this way, wood and laminate cabinets with this design will cost a lot of money.

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Hygiene and Ease of Maintenance

One of the main benefits of kitchens designed with these modern materials is that they often more hygienic than their natural counterparts. Consider that granite, slate, marble, and wood must be protected in some way to prevent dirt, germs, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from entering their natural pores or grains.

Synthetic materials, often made from non-porous resins, have no nooks and crannies for hygienic offenders to hide in, so cleaning them is as easy as wiping down with an antibacterial cleaner. Laminate furniture, Corian and Quartz are considered hygienic materials. If you like the natural look, consider using soapstone, which is less porous than granite or marble.

Smart Kitchen

Of course, modern innovation means improving technology, so kitchens will continue to get smarter and smarter. Everything from refrigerators to ovens to dishwashers will increasingly be controlled and controlled remotely from your own smart devices, as some already have.

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